Here's a nice video introduction to the Gilmore Car Museum, "the largest car museum in North America", and just an hour down the road from Lansing.


    Olds 1970 442 W30 Video


This 15-minute video is a very studied look at the 1970 W30 as the pinnacle of the muscle car era for Oldsmobile.  It starts with a short review of the downfall of Olds during its last years, perhaps more negatively than we'd like to hear.  Then it explains some history, particularly the Olds Rocket V8 and introduction of the Olds 442, that led into the Muscle Car Era.  Finally, there's a very detailed look at features of that 1970 442 W30, Oldsmobile's ultimate muscle car.  It will trigger vivid memories for all folks working at Olds during that period - engineering, manufacturing, quality, materials, and so on.

Jay Leno's 1959 Oldsmobile Super 88


Leno Car.jpg

Here's a nice article

       about the

1972 OLDS 98 Regency

(75th Anniversary Edition)


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