In the Spring of 1988, a group of Lansing General Motors Retirees took the initiative to start the Club, which would provide an opportunity for area retirees to meet and visit with each other socially on a regular basis.  Following is a brief summary of the membership benefits and information for becoming a member.

In addition, we organize a number of other events such as bus trips to the Detroit Auto Show,  Detroit Tiger ball games, 2 golf outings, one in June and the other in July, tours of GM facilities, and other events of interest to our members.   Each year our trips change to provide new experiences for our membership.

To help our members keep up with the Club's and GM's activities, we issue three  newsletters annually to Club members, issue a membership directory (December), and maintain this very attractive Club web site, with many interesting features and lots of useful reference information.

Over the years, the Club has maintained excellent relations with both local GM management and the Retiree Communications and Personnel staffs at GM's Central Office in Detroit.  This permits us to offer special activities such as plant tours and visits from the GM Executives to our annual meetings.

Membership for any member has always been, and still is, only $10 per year.

If you're interested in joining us, CLICK HERE  

Dues are primarily used  to cover the operational expenses of the Club, which consist mainly of printing and mailing costs associated with the Club's newsletters and  membership directory.  All of our other activities are self-funded.

We hope you will take your membership in the GM Lansing Social Club along with you in your retirement, finding its information useful and the social opportunities rewarding.

    Updated 01/01/22